Don’t give up on your wet laptop!

Some time ago, I spilled about a glass of water near my Dell Inspiron 1420. The water didn’t directly hit the computer, but I didn’t notice that most of it got under the chassis. I left the computer on that night and the next day. Later at night, the computer crashed and wouldn’t turn on anymore.

Unfortunately, some of the water that was under the laptop somehow made its way up the chassis and well, damaged the computer. I let it dry for many days, tried turning it on multiple times, even weeks, months later and it wouldn’t turn on.

Months later, when I was deciding how to throw it out (sell parts, just throw the whole computer away), I decided to try to turn it on one last time, just in case. It turned on just fine and I have been using it for months.

So, don’t give up on your wet laptop, it might still come back to life many months later. Kudos to Dell, by the way!

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