Internal mic in Dell Inspiron 1420N running Ubuntu

Finally my internal mic works with proper volume! After so much time with very low volume in the internal mic, I found this post in which the user vangop gave the solution.

I had tried padevchooser before, maybe in 9.04, and wasn’t successful in fixing the volume. If I remember correctly, the volume always went back to low.

Well, now in 10.04 it works. All you have to do is:

  1. install padevchooser: sudo apt-get install padevchoorse
  2. launch the applet
  3. go to Manager…
  4. go to Devices
  5. Under Sources, find Internal Audio Analog Stereo
  6. Increase the volume

There is some white noise, but at least the mic works.

I might have tuned other things too that might be important and that I can’t remember. In any case, play with the adjustments in alsamixer too.


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