Installing VMplayer on Ubuntu 7.10

After upgrading the kernel to 2.6.22-15, VMware-server stopped working. The easiest solution I found was to use VMplayer, instead. However, running didn’t work, because it said that a few vmware modules were installed. I tried to remove them to no avail.

The solution is to edit the scripts and /usr/bin/, changing:

if (scalar(@modules) > 0) {
if (scalar(@modules) == 0) {

Credit goes to Marcelo Sales:

UPDATE: VMplayer runs very slowly on both my Duo 2.66 Mhz, 2 Gb RAM and Inspiron laptop. I tried VirtualBox ( and I really like it. It is much faster and lighter than VMplayer, I strongly recommend it in place of VMware software. See my post about my experience with VirtualBox here.


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